Name Gabriel Ferrari Wagnitz
Designation Web Developer
Experience 4 Years
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My Services.

These are the main (but not all) things that I do:

Corporate Web Systems

BI and Data Scrapping

Growth and Marketing

DevOps and Hosting

About Me.

A little bit about myself and my experience

I'm Gabriel Ferrari Wagnitz and I study Engineering on UFES, in Brazil. I've been studying web development since I'm 14 years old but I actively realize that that is my calling in the last couple years. Since then I've been working and managing web development projects for small businesses, such as websites, administrative systems and costumer relationship platforms, as director of a Junior Enterprise in my University, CT Junior.

There I lead a team of students and managed over 19 projects. Now I'm applying that knowledge to go even further with projects aiming to revolutionize the web presence of small and medium businesses. Check out my Skills

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